• Physician Office Makeover

    We have been working with this physician and his wife on their home for some time now.  He decided to move offices and asked us to help with the design! What a fun project!  The clients are so respectful and trusting of my expertise, as I would be of theirs. (She started and runs 2 businesses, and he's a neurologist).

    We started with a very dated shell of yellow walls and yellow wood work.  Our saving grace was the cabinetry in grey and some neutral counters.  How to make the yellow wood look more current? Change the wall color to a creamy off white.

    More contemporary chairs in the reception area that still have warm colors to bring in the wood color. This piece of contemporary art is amazing! Lots of color and gold gilt accents.

    The physician's family is Cuban and they have a wonderful Cuban artist friend that created this hand painted tile backsplash in the kitchen area.  I LOVE the color and that it reflects the doctor's heritage.  We added cabinetry here but couldn't exactly match the grey cabinets that were existing in the office.  I chose dark espresso wood which made sense with the dark LVT wood floor. Grey leather, modern counterstools complete the area.

    The contractor left the ugly, ruined formica backsplash behind the sink area.  What to do? Running out of time and needed a solution....we wallpapered it with vinyl which should be super durable.  Looks so much better than new formica could!

    We went all out on the physician's personal office with drapery panels, upholstered chairs, a grey leather executive desk chair and cherry wrap around desk. He spends alot of hours here and his wife wanted it to be comfortable. Sculpture is by his Cuban artist friend.

    Awesome art in an exam room.

    The clients didn't want a "hospital looking" bathroom, so we used this AMAZING sculputural vinyl wallpaper that looks like caramel leather. I want it in my house!!!  The cute puppy art just made it fun:)