• Maison VanDam

    My husband and I moved into a fabulous french home.  We did alot of the remodel before we moved in (for my mental health). The master bath was a top priority that took 2 years to get to.  I'll admit part of it was me putting it off because, though I ask my clients to be patient during remodel, I knew I would not be!!! Hey, I admit my weakness. The before pics above had terrazo tile floors which I loved and would have kept, but the grout lines were a mile wide and some of the tiles were badly cracked.  The window was cracked.  The shower leaked.  The vanities were only 32" tall.  My vanity had a knee space that I never used and I sure wanted that space for storage. Cultured marble counters were yellowed.

    Unfortunately, we didn't have room to expand the bath and the layout worked for the space so we kept it. We ripped everything out including the drop ceiling over the vanities.  Such a difference to how open it feels to rip out the soffit with can lights!  (Don't you love the '70's daisy wallpaper we found??)

    New 36" vanities, beautiful quartzite counters, and I love my round mirrors and makeup mirror!  I wanted a hotel feel, so I went with chrome fixtures but mixed in gold on the mirrors. You don't have to stick with one finish!

    White marble, Fabricut wallpaper (love me some wallpaper), and my crown jewel Visual Comfort ceiling fixture.

    Grey parquet large tile floor with marble mosaic shower floor. Frameless shower glass REALLY makes a difference.  More expensive, but soooo worth it.

    The complete remodel only took 2 weeks, but I'm telling you, I was fried at the end.  I'm a big baby when it comes to dust and chaos in my personal space.  It was really good for me to experience it though.  It certainly makes me more compassionate toward my clients.

    Stay tuned for more remodel of the Maison VanDam...when my husband releases funds....and my nerves recover.......