• All About Lighting

    Lighting can be so much fun, and is a key element in design that can make a home feel custom.  There are a few key things to consider when choosing lighting.   Today,  we will focus on variety, sizing, and light output.  

    Here is a dining room from our Modern Eclectic post, with a nice large fixture:

    And pendants from the kitchen:

    I challenged Alex to come up with her ultimate lighting scheme for a home and I did the same.  

    Just like furniture, I don't like the lighting to "match", or all be from the same family.  It looks like a builders special.  Below are couple of examples of coordinated lighting, whose styles and material are not a perfect match. The first I put in a dining room.  The room has navy blue walls, so the white looks WOW.

    Keeping with the gold and white scheme, I put these sconces in the powder bath.  Love the glass tail on the sconce!

    This beauty goes in the den.  Though it's more old world and french, I love that it is different and still ties in with the white and gold.

    In the same open concept room, these lanterns hang over the kitchen island.  The mix of contemporary and old world works and is so interesting!

    And now Alex's turn:

    Personally, I love bold fixtures that are a mix of classic and modern.  The shape of this fixture is more modern than I typically go for, but nevertheless, it is gorgeous. The opaque glass in combination with the gold and black offers awesome contrast.  I could see this over a dining room table, or in a living room.

    This pendant reminds me of a street light, the hearty black looks great with the brass details.  I could see these hanging over a kitchen island.

    Lastly, I picked out this sconce.  It reminds me of a pearl earring in a gold setting, and would look wonderful adorning the wall of a dining room, or powder bath.

    FINAL TIP: Consider the size and light output:

    A wall I run into again and again with client's is the "dreaded Pottery Barn." Their fixtures look great and have a great price point, but when you really look at what you are getting it's usually too small and has low light output.  The one below is a great looking light, not a bad size at 28" (still too small for me), but only uses three 60 watt candleabra bulbs.  I wouldn't be able to see what I was eating with that little light!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out some of our favorite lighting fixtures, and hints and tricks.  Lets us know which are your favorites down below!