• Trends 2017

    Trend alert: Just as with fashion, home styles change often. I'm old enough now to giggle to myself when I see styles coming back around with a new twist. It seems to me that we just divested ourselves of all the polished brass fixtures and door knobs and here comes gold again with a BANG.

    This time around it's brushed instead of polished, but I AM IN LOVE!! I put a brushed gold faucet and knobs in my newly remodeled kitchen a year and a half ago with a little trepidation. Now I know it will be here to stay for a good while because gold has exploded on the home decor scene.

    You know how we've been in a gray period for awhile now? Alot of you may just be getting on board. I've seen a shift toward white walls instead of grey, but the newest thing coming is warm color. Maybe not on walls yet, but definitely in fabrics. I see lush greens, caramels, amethyst being paired with the greys and whites to give drama and a "come and stay awhile" feel. I love the look of the all white interiors, but I don't think I could realistically live in them. I would constantly cringe when someone sat in my white chair, afraid of a stain.

    Remember all that fabulous trim we used to layer in our french country style interiors? It's been out for years, but I see it coming back in fabulous new ways. I've been seeing boullion trim on the bottom of sleek sofas. Large scale trim on the edge of plain drapery panels. The piecies below can be purchased through The Design Shoppe.

    Tassels are everywhere in fashion and I'm sure we will see them soon in our interiors. The gorgeous earrings can be found at

    And last but not least, we are seeing a lot of navy and camel. A beautiful combination that gives me "casual luxury".

    What are some trends you've noticed lately. Let us know in the comment section!