• New Year New Space!

    Entropy refers to the idea that everything in the universe has a natural tendency to transform from order to disorder.  This thermodynamic principle is probably best represented in my home. So the new year came and I was totally into organizing, cleaning, and decluttering.  But now we are two weeks into the new year, approaching the time where new year’s resolutions go to die.  But wait! Does my New Year resolution of keeping a neat and tidy closet, coffee table, and crazy mess of a jewelry drawer (that never truly got the New Year overhaul) have to come to such a quick demise??

    No, not really, and neither does yours.  While researching for myself, I thought I’d share some organization tips I’ve come across, and share some beautiful organization options from our vendors.  All pieces are available through The Design Shoppe, send us an email if interested at



    Personally I do not like folding, I’m prone to toss things into drawers and slam them shut.  Out of sight out of mind, and no one has to know. But when it comes to things such as belts, scarves, and hats, I do not truly have a place for them.  In the summer, the winter items stay packed away in far away lands. Come winter they are falling off the shelf I deemed their temporary home. Enter stage left: baskets.


    Baskets are wonderful, big ones, small ones, and all inbetween are great additions to help your closet or even entry stay presentable. Now everything can have a home of its own.


    Here are my some of my favorites:

    I love the natural gradient pattern in these.


    These larger baskets would be great for an entry:

    Coffee Table:


    The coffee table, otherwise known as the gathering place for remotes, mail, magazines, and that self-help book I haven’t picked up since January 5th. Normally, these are situated in the middle of the living room, which may not be the best place to display my broken promises--just kidding.  This tip is probably something you’ve seen before, but is truly a gem.  Trays are a way to add organization and another layer of decoration to your coffee table. By gathering your items on a tray you are not only organizing, but as life gets messier, it just looks purposefully collected.  Next get rid of old mail, add a few other decorative items like a candle, small plant, or vase, and your table is stylized.  I would also like to note that trays are universally useful in many other areas of the home including: the kitchen, bathroom, bedside table, and any other place where things just tend to gather.


    Here are a couple of items that I thought looked great together for a coffee table:

    Jewelry Storage:

    A nicely organized jewelry area is the difference between me being a “plain jane” (which is usually the case), or a seemingly well put together lady.  There are many options in this area, so I will focus on my personal favorites: small boxes and bowls. Along with trays, small boxes and bowls make the most of my space.

    Some honorable mentions are thin velvet lined drawers, tiered trays, and wire sheeting that make it easier to find hangable earrings.  All great ways to help me find what I need in the shortest amount of time.

    These are some of MY favorite ways to keep my organized and on track for the New Year and beyond.  What are some of your favorite organization tips and tricks for allowing your space to gracefully decline?   Thank you for reading and let us know in the comment section below!

    Aurthor: Alex West