• The Coolness that is Neolith

    Neolith is a material that offers flexibility in style and application.  It stepped into my world when a client was looking for a material to cover their fireplace wall.  They are to build a cool stand alone fireplace wall that separates the living room from the dining room.

    This is what we're going for:


    The first thought? Quartz.  It has a sleek finish that would match the modern look our client has in mind.  But it was found that it would not stand up to heat.  It would melt.  Second thought? Natural stone slabs, BUT THEN we came across Neolith.  This client in particular is considering using the material for both their fireplace, and kitchen counters.

    Why the fireplace?

    Well, not only is Neolith resistant to heat, but it comes in huge slabs suitable for our 10x12’ fireplace wall, offering a more seamless look.

    Why the kitchen?

    Not only is Neolith resistant to high and low temperatures, it is also resistant to scratching, wear, stains, and strong cleaning agents.  

    Now, now, function IS important.  But so is form.  And isn’t she lovely!  Neolith comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and finishes. What is most awesome is it can be made to look like wood, marble, granite, and iron---giving us design freedom.  Who wouldn’t want to cut, dice, and chop directly onto hygienic “wood” countertops?  

    Wish us luck with our progect! And let us know any ideas you may have for the material.