• Boston Ct.

    Boston Ct.

    I love the crisp look of the white farmhouse style exterior! The builder had decided on the exterior style before we started selections for this house so I suggested a slightly more modern twist on the farmhouse style for the interior. I know it's still very popular in Tulsa, but we are seeing less and less farmhouse designs trending.


    This shell backsplash in a chevron pattern looks modern, but also natural.  We mixed cabinet colors in the kitchen using white and a dark navy/black.  The shell pulled in both colors.  It also didn't compete with the gorgeous quartzite countertops!

    Here you can see the mix of cabinet paint colors in the kitchen.  Also the stainless refrigerator and ovens next to the brushed gold hardware on the cabinets. Matte black stairrail in the background also ties in with the lighting in the kitchen!

    These pendant lights are the bomb in person. The black iron makes them a little more toned down and it ties into the black iron round chandelier in the eating area. We mixed gold, stainless and black metals in the kitchen area.  It works beautifully! Don't be afraid to try it.  The secret is in balancing the amount of each metal you use.

    Stacked quartzite on the fireplace all the way to the ceiling makes an impact in the den. The white quartzite has just a little sparkle and dressiness. I like to also have a good balance of more dressy or formal to casual and earthy elements.

    I used a fun-but-subtle wallpaper on the back wall of the bar area. Because it's tone on tone, the pattern isn't overwhelming.  I loooove the brass lamp above. It's jointed so it can move back and forth and it adds just a little farmhouse style.

    Rustic wood look tile paired with faux marble and brushed gold...and the ebony stained cabinets. Again a mix of rustic (the floor) and elegant (marble, brushed gold, dark stained cabinets). The builder found the wood look tile and I loved it.  It's some of the best I've seen. Notice that we went pretty high on the shower tile and glass.  We originally debated going to the ceiling with the shower tile, but decided that could feel overwhelming. I think where we settled is high enough to bring your eye upwards, but still allows the bathroom to feel warm and proportional.

    These are just a few of the photos from this project.  Check out all of them in our Boston Court gallery!! Leave us a comment about what you like, what you think of the farmhouse look or any questions you may have!

  • Bath Remodel

    Wow!!! This ultra fab, hip client wanted to remodel her powder bath, master bath, and kids bath. May I just say that she has great taste! I sat down with her and her husband to discuss the powder bath.  We chose a faux grasscloth in navy blue (little kids and real grasscloth don't mix well). The light fixture needed to be the centerpiece.  Client Fab and I loved the Starburst gold fixture but her husband was like nah......   Reference pic, need I say more.  He loves it now!! We kept the wood floors in the bath and her gold mirror.

    A dark charcoal grey for the new vanity with fabulous gold and lucite handles.

    Please note that this is the BEFORE pic of the master bathroom!! Their master is very large, but was very dated. She loves calacutta marble and wanted grey tones.

    We took out the old cultured marble, jetted tub and replaced with an undermount soaker tub topped with grey and white quartz.  The tub front is herringbone patterned white calacutta marble.  There's a removable panel in there somewhere to access plumbing if needed. The tile guys did such a great job that it's hard to see!

    *Crickets*        I'm speechless at how this shower turned out.  We removed part of one wall to open up the end and replaced a ton of the sheetrock with glass.  We also expanded the shower into the closet (It was his closet. He just can't win).  Again white marble in a herringbone pattern on the walls and we took the tile to the ceiling to make it feel even larger.  We used a ceramic tile on the floor and carried it into the shower floor for continuity.

    Her husband is a tall man!! Bless his heart for putting up with these old standard 32" high cabinets.

    He won here.  36" high alder cabinets are probably saving his back! Love the bronze hardware and faucets she chose.  They have more of a copper tone compared to regular oil rubbed bronze. She chose the mocha color for the walls.  I had my doubts, but it ended up perfect!!

    On her side, we added a pull out for her hair dryer, curling iron, etc. and a pull out hamper. We captured the space to the side of her vanity for a linen closet.

    On to the kids bath! There was a wall between the vanity and the toilet/shower area.  Their idea was to take it out and open the bath up!  Good idea!  We shifted the tub/shower to the back wall and added a pocket door to help with all the door swings.

    Love the new grey, shaker style cabinets and the hex white marble look tile on the floor.  Real marble would have been Not-kid-friendly! Dark grey grout on the floor to contrast.

    3x6 charcoal grey subway on the shower walls with white grout. We always use Pro Fusion grout which resists those stains.  Don't be afraid of light grout!!

    Let us know what you think!! We LOVED working with this family and look forward to our next project with them!!

  • Physician Office Makeover

    We have been working with this physician and his wife on their home for some time now.  He decided to move offices and asked us to help with the design! What a fun project!  The clients are so respectful and trusting of my expertise, as I would be of theirs. (She started and runs 2 businesses, and he's a neurologist).

    We started with a very dated shell of yellow walls and yellow wood work.  Our saving grace was the cabinetry in grey and some neutral counters.  How to make the yellow wood look more current? Change the wall color to a creamy off white.

    More contemporary chairs in the reception area that still have warm colors to bring in the wood color. This piece of contemporary art is amazing! Lots of color and gold gilt accents.

    The physician's family is Cuban and they have a wonderful Cuban artist friend that created this hand painted tile backsplash in the kitchen area.  I LOVE the color and that it reflects the doctor's heritage.  We added cabinetry here but couldn't exactly match the grey cabinets that were existing in the office.  I chose dark espresso wood which made sense with the dark LVT wood floor. Grey leather, modern counterstools complete the area.

    The contractor left the ugly, ruined formica backsplash behind the sink area.  What to do? Running out of time and needed a solution....we wallpapered it with vinyl which should be super durable.  Looks so much better than new formica could!

    We went all out on the physician's personal office with drapery panels, upholstered chairs, a grey leather executive desk chair and cherry wrap around desk. He spends alot of hours here and his wife wanted it to be comfortable. Sculpture is by his Cuban artist friend.

    Awesome art in an exam room.

    The clients didn't want a "hospital looking" bathroom, so we used this AMAZING sculputural vinyl wallpaper that looks like caramel leather. I want it in my house!!!  The cute puppy art just made it fun:)

  • Maison VanDam

    My husband and I moved into a fabulous french home.  We did alot of the remodel before we moved in (for my mental health). The master bath was a top priority that took 2 years to get to.  I'll admit part of it was me putting it off because, though I ask my clients to be patient during remodel, I knew I would not be!!! Hey, I admit my weakness. The before pics above had terrazo tile floors which I loved and would have kept, but the grout lines were a mile wide and some of the tiles were badly cracked.  The window was cracked.  The shower leaked.  The vanities were only 32" tall.  My vanity had a knee space that I never used and I sure wanted that space for storage. Cultured marble counters were yellowed.

    Unfortunately, we didn't have room to expand the bath and the layout worked for the space so we kept it. We ripped everything out including the drop ceiling over the vanities.  Such a difference to how open it feels to rip out the soffit with can lights!  (Don't you love the '70's daisy wallpaper we found??)

    New 36" vanities, beautiful quartzite counters, and I love my round mirrors and makeup mirror!  I wanted a hotel feel, so I went with chrome fixtures but mixed in gold on the mirrors. You don't have to stick with one finish!

    White marble, Fabricut wallpaper (love me some wallpaper), and my crown jewel Visual Comfort ceiling fixture.

    Grey parquet large tile floor with marble mosaic shower floor. Frameless shower glass REALLY makes a difference.  More expensive, but soooo worth it.

    The complete remodel only took 2 weeks, but I'm telling you, I was fried at the end.  I'm a big baby when it comes to dust and chaos in my personal space.  It was really good for me to experience it though.  It certainly makes me more compassionate toward my clients.

    Stay tuned for more remodel of the Maison VanDam...when my husband releases funds....and my nerves recover.......

  • All About Lighting

    Lighting can be so much fun, and is a key element in design that can make a home feel custom.  There are a few key things to consider when choosing lighting.   Today,  we will focus on variety, sizing, and light output.  

    Here is a dining room from our Modern Eclectic post, with a nice large fixture:

    And pendants from the kitchen:

    I challenged Alex to come up with her ultimate lighting scheme for a home and I did the same.  

    Just like furniture, I don't like the lighting to "match", or all be from the same family.  It looks like a builders special.  Below are couple of examples of coordinated lighting, whose styles and material are not a perfect match. The first I put in a dining room.  The room has navy blue walls, so the white looks WOW.

    Keeping with the gold and white scheme, I put these sconces in the powder bath.  Love the glass tail on the sconce!

    This beauty goes in the den.  Though it's more old world and french, I love that it is different and still ties in with the white and gold.

    In the same open concept room, these lanterns hang over the kitchen island.  The mix of contemporary and old world works and is so interesting!

    And now Alex's turn:

    Personally, I love bold fixtures that are a mix of classic and modern.  The shape of this fixture is more modern than I typically go for, but nevertheless, it is gorgeous. The opaque glass in combination with the gold and black offers awesome contrast.  I could see this over a dining room table, or in a living room.

    This pendant reminds me of a street light, the hearty black looks great with the brass details.  I could see these hanging over a kitchen island.

    Lastly, I picked out this sconce.  It reminds me of a pearl earring in a gold setting, and would look wonderful adorning the wall of a dining room, or powder bath.

    FINAL TIP: Consider the size and light output:

    A wall I run into again and again with client's is the "dreaded Pottery Barn." Their fixtures look great and have a great price point, but when you really look at what you are getting it's usually too small and has low light output.  The one below is a great looking light, not a bad size at 28" (still too small for me), but only uses three 60 watt candleabra bulbs.  I wouldn't be able to see what I was eating with that little light!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out some of our favorite lighting fixtures, and hints and tricks.  Lets us know which are your favorites down below!

  • Trends 2017

    Trend alert: Just as with fashion, home styles change often. I'm old enough now to giggle to myself when I see styles coming back around with a new twist. It seems to me that we just divested ourselves of all the polished brass fixtures and door knobs and here comes gold again with a BANG.

    This time around it's brushed instead of polished, but I AM IN LOVE!! I put a brushed gold faucet and knobs in my newly remodeled kitchen a year and a half ago with a little trepidation. Now I know it will be here to stay for a good while because gold has exploded on the home decor scene.

    You know how we've been in a gray period for awhile now? Alot of you may just be getting on board. I've seen a shift toward white walls instead of grey, but the newest thing coming is warm color. Maybe not on walls yet, but definitely in fabrics. I see lush greens, caramels, amethyst being paired with the greys and whites to give drama and a "come and stay awhile" feel. I love the look of the all white interiors, but I don't think I could realistically live in them. I would constantly cringe when someone sat in my white chair, afraid of a stain.

    Remember all that fabulous trim we used to layer in our french country style interiors? It's been out for years, but I see it coming back in fabulous new ways. I've been seeing boullion trim on the bottom of sleek sofas. Large scale trim on the edge of plain drapery panels. The piecies below can be purchased through The Design Shoppe.

    Tassels are everywhere in fashion and I'm sure we will see them soon in our interiors. The gorgeous earrings can be found at

    And last but not least, we are seeing a lot of navy and camel. A beautiful combination that gives me "casual luxury".

    What are some trends you've noticed lately. Let us know in the comment section!

  • New Year New Space!

    Entropy refers to the idea that everything in the universe has a natural tendency to transform from order to disorder.  This thermodynamic principle is probably best represented in my home. So the new year came and I was totally into organizing, cleaning, and decluttering.  But now we are two weeks into the new year, approaching the time where new year’s resolutions go to die.  But wait! Does my New Year resolution of keeping a neat and tidy closet, coffee table, and crazy mess of a jewelry drawer (that never truly got the New Year overhaul) have to come to such a quick demise??

    No, not really, and neither does yours.  While researching for myself, I thought I’d share some organization tips I’ve come across, and share some beautiful organization options from our vendors.  All pieces are available through The Design Shoppe, send us an email if interested at



    Personally I do not like folding, I’m prone to toss things into drawers and slam them shut.  Out of sight out of mind, and no one has to know. But when it comes to things such as belts, scarves, and hats, I do not truly have a place for them.  In the summer, the winter items stay packed away in far away lands. Come winter they are falling off the shelf I deemed their temporary home. Enter stage left: baskets.


    Baskets are wonderful, big ones, small ones, and all inbetween are great additions to help your closet or even entry stay presentable. Now everything can have a home of its own.


    Here are my some of my favorites:

    I love the natural gradient pattern in these.


    These larger baskets would be great for an entry:

    Coffee Table:


    The coffee table, otherwise known as the gathering place for remotes, mail, magazines, and that self-help book I haven’t picked up since January 5th. Normally, these are situated in the middle of the living room, which may not be the best place to display my broken promises--just kidding.  This tip is probably something you’ve seen before, but is truly a gem.  Trays are a way to add organization and another layer of decoration to your coffee table. By gathering your items on a tray you are not only organizing, but as life gets messier, it just looks purposefully collected.  Next get rid of old mail, add a few other decorative items like a candle, small plant, or vase, and your table is stylized.  I would also like to note that trays are universally useful in many other areas of the home including: the kitchen, bathroom, bedside table, and any other place where things just tend to gather.


    Here are a couple of items that I thought looked great together for a coffee table:

    Jewelry Storage:

    A nicely organized jewelry area is the difference between me being a “plain jane” (which is usually the case), or a seemingly well put together lady.  There are many options in this area, so I will focus on my personal favorites: small boxes and bowls. Along with trays, small boxes and bowls make the most of my space.

    Some honorable mentions are thin velvet lined drawers, tiered trays, and wire sheeting that make it easier to find hangable earrings.  All great ways to help me find what I need in the shortest amount of time.

    These are some of MY favorite ways to keep my organized and on track for the New Year and beyond.  What are some of your favorite organization tips and tricks for allowing your space to gracefully decline?   Thank you for reading and let us know in the comment section below!

    Aurthor: Alex West

  • Winter Whites

    Firstly I'd like to say Happy New Year! It is finally starting to feel like wintertime in Tulsa, which has inspired me to gather a couple of cozy winter whites. We've picked up a couple of new lines and are excited to show off some of the new things we have to offer!

    We are head over heels for this fringe sofa. What a cool way to incorporate such a tradional detail with a more modern shape. I loved this white leather scalloped swivel. True to Tulsa style, I've also picked this gorgeous french side chair that features an almost champagne fabric, and an elegant tufted sofa.

    Now time for accessories! Here at The Design Shoppe, we. love. gold. So of course I had to add these lovely vases, and candle holders. The details of each are what truly make these pieces great.

    Last but not least, nothing makes a home more cozy than the textiles. To add dimension to an all white space it's ok to throw in some off-white. And you'd definitely want to add texture, texture, texture! Below I have some ultra luxurious neutral rugs, cozy throws, and a woven pillow that would be the perfect addition to a neutral palette.

    Let us know below what some of your favorite pieces are, and feel free to give us a call or email if you need help layering those neutrals!

  • Major Key: Trust and Communication

    As Michelle’s assistant, I am new to the professional side of interior design.  Before a few months ago my experience included my own DIY efforts, Pinterest, Blogs, and any social or print media I could get my hands on.  On the job I have learned that one of the most important aspects of interior design has to be the client-designer relationship built on a foundation of trust and effective communication.  

    While watching Michelle, I’ve seen that she has a great knack for communication: by being able to truly listen to what the client wants, and have patience to decipher between that and what they believe they want. Although some clients may not know the terms to express what they are looking for, it is the designers job to ask the right questions. Michelle will also ask the clients to bring pictures, and utilize social media accounts like Pinterest and Houzz.  Although sometimes, it’s like when you bring a photo to the hair salon, you have round face and that ear length bob just isn’t flattering.  This is where the trust comes in.

    2015 Chanel Couture show at Paris Fashion Week


    For example, a client may have seen beautiful, contemporary interior and believe that this is exactly what they want.



    But as they begin to show you more pictures, speaking about their daily needs, and giving feedback on specific modern pieces, conflict arises.  Which is perfect.  It now allows you to delve deeper into what they don’t like about the space, offering room for more suitable alternatives. In this case, the client wanted something more transitional, with more softness and functionality for their growing family. Like this space found here: 


    As the client begins to feel the designer truly has an understanding of where they are coming from they usually relax, and begin to trust the designer to do her job. Freedom of expression is another aspect of trust and communication, a conversation where neither party has to walk on eggshells about their likes or dislikes. With trust and effective communication, misunderstandings are few and far between, allowing for a much smoother design process.

    Thanks for taking the time to hear about my journey so far in design, let me know if you think I am right on, or have any other tips!

    By: Alex West

  • Fashion Trends and Interior Design

    This weeks blog is focused on fashion trends you can find in interior design.  It is kind of fun to be able to wear and experience your favorite trends on your body and in home.  But I won’t get ahead of myself, a lot of a trend can go too far.  Some of my favorite fashion trends going on at the moment are lucite footwear, tweed, and fringe.

    Translated into interiors we are seeing them in mostly furniture, materials, and accessories, respectively. Keep scrolling to see some of the cool finds.

    Shoes: YEEZY Season 2 Lucite Heel found at, VALIANT Pointed Boots by Unique found at, Gianvito Rossi found at Bed: Oscarine Lucite four poster bed fround at Side Tables: Both to the trade pieces found at Made Goods. 

    Tiles: Emser Tile. Throw: Made Goods, to the trade.  Fabrics: To the trade, can be found at The Design Shoppe

    Bag: Ray Fringe Shoulder found at Boots: Ray Fringe OTK found at Metal chandelier: Douglas found at Pillows: To the trade, found at